LCV Aguba Defends His Signature Against Age Limit At Namboole

Fr Silvestre Agubanshongoreire in his happening time.

The Rubirizi Chairman LCV has finally come out to clear and defend his act of signing against the move to change the age limit, Article 102 of the constitution of Uganda.

As reported by the Red Pepper newspaper, Aguba was among the 70 local leaders that signed against the bill.

After the allegations spread, certain residents lead by a youth who requested anonymity accused the district governor for taking a decision without consulting them.

“We are so disappointed by the action of Aguba…why would he go on to sign on that sheet even when he has not made any consultations to us especially the youth,” said on phone.

The annoyed group also threatened to launch a demonstration in the district heading to the headquarters proving their dissatisfaction.

“We are actually organizing and even we shall inform the police about our demonstration any time,” he added.

However, when contacted about the issue, Aguba denied to have signed on any list with regards to the presidential age limit.

Normally, when you attend any meeting, a paper for registering attendance is always provided and everybody is expected to sign.

I received the paper that had no heading and signed for my attendance as I always do in other meetings I attend. However, later they provided a heading that I did not expect and actually, for your information it was not only me who signed.

These are just playing their dirty politics to tarnish my name but the fact is I did not.

When asked for his stand on the issue, Aguba said that he only minds about service delivery to his people of Rubirizi district.

“They should weigh the reasons as to why the article was put in the constitution and the reasons as to why they was to remove it then take action accordingly.” He submitted.

He also asked the three area Members of Parliament to consult their voters before they take action.

However, Aguba apologized for the acts by the local leaders of pouring the water to the Justice and constitutional minister Maj.Gen. Kahinda Otafire, saying that it was un called for.


On Saturday July 22 2017, LC 3 and 5 chairmen with their speakers from all over Uganda gathered at Namboole on Museveni’s invitation.

However, the president did not appear as he sent the justice and constitutional minister Maj Gen. Kahinda Otafire.

Otafiire had insisted on addressing them yet the leaders were expecting age limit minded Museveni to address them.

Reports indicate that the chairmen had organized to demand from the president answers to their salary increment petition before their listen to his age limit proposal but he didn’t turn up

On further insistence, Murmurs broke out and spread as some insults were hurled at him.

The ULGA secretary general, Rose Gertrude, accused Otafiire of trying to hijack their meeting with his talk on abrogating the constitution and supporting Museveni’s return in 2021 and the situation went out of control

Wet, the Minister was forced to leave the stadium after the incident and the meeting was called off till further notice.

Police intervened and arrested Solomon Okecho, Lobongo Sub-county chairperson Tororo District and Michael Onsinya, LC3 chairperson Namayingo District.

The chairmen forced police to release them



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