Top District Officials Pinned Over Donated Rice

Rubirizi District Chairman LCV, Silvestre Agubanshongoreire, has today come out to speak out on allegations that some top district officials took big shares on the rice donated by the office of the Prime Minister to the population affected by rainstorms.

Recently, Rubirizi district received three tons of rice from the Ministry of disaster and preparedness under the office of the Prime Minister.

However, one of the concerned resident, (requested anonymity) that was at the district headquarters by the time of dispersing bags of rice to different areas, told our reporter that some of the bags of rice remained in some of the offices and had names of those to share written on.

When asked to mention some of the names, he only identified them as Susan, Santos, Manoti, and Kahonaho. This was later confirmed by one of the students interning in one of the offices that shared on the boss’s share.

when contacted, Agubanshongoreire, denied the allegations clarifying that no official shared on the donation rather helped in distributing the bags of rice.

“when we received the rice, we formed a committee that was to help on distributing an assuring transformation in the sharing of this rice…I doubt if any district official got involved,” said Aguba.

The committee was comprised of; RDC, CAO, DPC, Chairman LCV and a few other officials that were selected to give a hand.

When contacted on his cell phone about the issue, Santos seem surprised and denied the allegations saying that they are just aiming at tarnishing his reputation.

“I personally don’t eat rice…I really mind a lot about the vulnerable people in our society and after all I can afford to buy it myself if need be. They are just blackmailing me,” said Magara.

The rice was distributed to the households of Mugyera and Kakari Parish who were hit by the storm. The households that lost crops equated to a hectare were given 50kg and 25kg to those that lost less.

Nyangorogoro and Nyabubare parishes that were affected last year were also considered and each parish received 50 bags.

According to the Environment and Natural resources officer, Aggrey Agaba, the district officials sought it wise to incorporate the vulnerable people into the share so that they can improve on their lives and family status which included the Elderly, Orphans, Widows and families with heads living with HIV/AIDS.

“Some of the families are suffering because of vulnerability of the members… we found it important to rescue their threatened lives in all the parishes of the district,” said Agaba.

However, Agubanshongoreire affirmed that twenty households per parish in all the 53 parishes in the whole district, received 20kg.

The one Annet Kabamweerere, a widow in Ryamatumba praised the Chairman LCV for the project and pledged total support come 2021. However, some residents say that the rice is of poor quality as it takes a lot of time to get prepared.



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