I Have The Vouchers- Mahesi Assures PAC


The Rubirizi Town Clark, John Mahesi has finally come out to clear the air on the allegations that he failed to account for about 70 Million shillings.

Late June 2017, while appearing before the Rubirizi District Public Accounts Committee, Mahesi’s submission on the accountability of the 120Miliion (Road Funds) did not appropriately satisfy the committee members who expected much more than he gave.

PAC asked the Clark to provide accountability for all the money that had reached his office, which instead, Mahesi insisted until the end of the meeting that he had to only account for the first quarter since it was the first time to appear before them.

According to the Mayor- Rubirizi Town Council John Magezi, all the money that reached the office was maximally utilized for the intended for purposes.

“I for one can assure you that we have clearly utilized the little money that was given to us… PAC should get satisfied with what we provide as accountability and if possible, they should visibly see the purchased materials” said Magezi.

When contacted, Mahesi told Rubirizi News Updates that the government funds are always received in quarters and they must be accounted for in quarters.

“I failed to understand why PAC wanted me to account for the money in the second quarter and yet I had appeared for the first quarter…I have all the vouchers for all the materials we have purchased as regards to the project. The auditor did not verify the vouchers of about 70M.” Submitted Mahesi on phone.

“When I was summoned to appear before the PAC, they did not indicate that I was to account for even the second quarter…as usual, we account for a single quarter at a go. Let them reschedule and I account for the second quarter.” He added.

From the ministry of works, through the roads fund system, Rubirizi Town Council is to tarmac, road re-filling of about 600 meters which project is to amount a total of 400M.

The roads to be worked on are; 200Metres on the Ndekye-Mugogo road and 400meters on the Rugazi Parish road. However, they have just received only 120 million shillings.

On that amount, Mahesi says that they have purchased some of the materials which among others include; murram, dust, Asphalt, crushed stones and culverts.

“We have already purchased some materials and they are well stored and guarded at our headquarters… we are just waiting for the remaining funds so that the project can kick-off,” said the Chairperson PTA of Kichwamba High School.

However, Rubirizi News Updates did not take any comment from the CAO neither did it have from the District Auditor as their cell phone could not be reached as a result of poor network.

Under Article 164 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and Section 8 of the Public Finance and Accountability Act, 2003 and section 65 and 86 of the Local Governments’ Act1997 as amended, the Accounting Officer is accountable to Parliament for the funds and resources of the Local Government.


The Accounting Officer is responsible for the preparation of financial statements, in accordance with regulation 68 of the Local Governments Financial and Accounting Regulation, 2007 and for such internal controls as management determines necessary to enable the preparation of financial statements that are free from material misstatements whether due to fraud or error.


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